• Welcome To The Grand Vikalp, New Delhi

    The Grand Vikalp Hotel,Delhi welcomes you to a world of gracious hospitality, luxury and style. It brings you the sheer luxury, extravagance and a class of 4 star Hotel. Overlooking the romantic wilderness of the lush green surroundings, the The Grand Vikalp offers comfortably appointed bedrooms, which are tastefully furnished and offer modern facilities while retaining their original charm.

  • About the Hotel

    The Grand Vikalp Hotel embodies all the traditional values of hotel keeping whilst keeping up to date with modern day requirements of the business and leisure travelers. The Grand Vikalp Hotel is such a personal and dedicated approach is taken in terms of comfort to all its guests. Client satisfaction is paramount and is the object of the Company along with the training and welfare of all its management and staff.


    Apart from The Grand Vikalp Hotel, Company owns several Properties . Each Property has its individual characteristic but all embody the desire to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our guests. We invest all our profits each year in the continual improvement of the quality and facilities of our Hotels and we are passionate in terms of the attention we pay to the overall maintenance and standards of cleanliness in all our Hotels.


    We look forward to the future that enables us to set higher standards of recognition it is your patronage that has been our immense source of inspiration in this eternal and fulfilling journey.

    We hope you will enjoy your stay at our brand new The Grand Vikalp Hotel and appreciate the quality of our product and the friendliness of our management and staff and always make The Grand Vikalp Hotel your first choice when visiting the area we are located in.

    Once again we thank you very much for your kind patronage & cherish your valued presence.